I don’t know about you but I am absolutely OBSESSED with perfume and fragrances. It’s got to the point that if I don’t have perfume on I feel naked! I thought I’d share my faves with you and I’d love for you to let me know if you’ve tried these or give me some new suggestions in the comments below.

I swear I always used to just spray my perfume anywhere but there are optimal points on the body to make it super long lasting. Remember that although we may not be able to continue to smell it throughout the day others do! You should always spray or place fragrance at the back of the ears, the wrists, in the elbow and even the back of the knees 


This is my all-time favourite, go-to fragrance!! It’s a super warm, rich fragrance and it’s described as being from the Amber-Woody-Floral fragrance family. I love any scent with notes of Jasmine and White Amber and this has both. 

Alien is a pretty strong scent and will last on you all day, it’s a gorgeous, sexy scent which is PERFECT for a date night or night out but to be honest I love this so much that I wear it pretty much every day. I think I’ve repurchased this at least 5 times!


This is another warm, sexy scent but perfect for every day! It has notes of Jasmin (surprise surprise I think it’s my fave), Tuberose and Almond so it has a mix of floral and a little fruity - it’s unreal. The fragrance is really long lasting, don’t worry others will be smelling it on you all day and night, anyone who smells this on you will be asking what it is. Not to mention the bottle is a friggin’ stiletto – so beautiful!! I love when a perfume is in pretty packaging as I like to display my fragrances on my dressing table.


This is the yummiest, most delicious scent you will ever use in your life!!!! You will honestly smell good enough to eat, I always always always get compliments on this scent and it’s perfect for every day. I sometimes even mix this with Alien and the two together smell sexy and delicious. This scent has notes of Vanilla (Duh!) and Jasmin... honestly if I was a scent this would be it. I cannot stress to you enough how incredible this is and I know everyone will love it. Plus how cute is the packaging, it looks so clean, crisp and luxurious.


Now this scent is something a little different for me! Perfect for a fresh every day scent and less warm & intense. Unlike any of the other fragrances this is far more fruity and girly. There are notes of Nectarine, Lychee, Rose, Violet & Patchouli – this is unlike any other scent I’ve tried before and I was surprised how much I loved it. I like to use a scent like this before going to the gym or if I just fancy something a little more “chill” and light. The packaging is also unreal and luxurious, you know how much I love that.

5)  KAYALI - ELIXIR | 11

Another Kayali fragrance had to make the list.. I think this is my favourite fragrance brand I just love them all (the Citrus scent is also fab). This Elixir scent is GORGEOUS and it’s actually my night-time scent, I know, I’m that extra and perfume obsessed that I have one I wear to bed. This scent has notes of Red Apple, Rose & Jasmin with hints of Amber & Vanilla, it basically combines all of the scents I love to create something a little more intense and dreamy – I really love the addition of the apple to make it more fruity. I honestly feel like anyone would love this one too.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my top 5 fragrances! I do have more that I love and use but perfumes are not cheap and I thought it would be easier to stick to my go-to's at the moment. If you were to go out and buy any I would suggest one of the Kayali fragrances or Alien, I don’t know anyone who’s bought these and aren't obsessed with them. Let me know your favourite scents below!!

Love Char xx

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