Updated: Apr 13, 2020

During these unprecedented times, it's never been so important to build a daily routine to keep you sane! It can be really challenging to know how to even start, I have the perfect tips for you.

Now it may be no surprise that I’m a #routine kinda gal. I’m a true Taurus in every way! If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’re already interested in building a routine for yourself and just need a bit of guidance. Routine is so important for so many reasons, it increases #productivity, improves your mental health, improves your #selfdiscipline and creates a healthy balance in your life.


I’m sure you’re very aware that we’re in unprecedented times right now and it’s affecting people in different ways. If you’re finding yourself waking up way later than usual, getting lost in Netflix shows or Instagram timelines and then finding that the day is already over… you’re not alone! #Lockdown is not an easy time for any of us, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing yourself to have some chill time. Don’t beat yourself up for how you’re dealing with this, just getting through it alone is amazing!

Though after a few weeks and countless series later you may have reached a point where you want some sense of normality again. I can imagine you’re feeling a bit down, unproductive and totally out of routine. I know how challenging it can be to build one from scratch, particularly when there isn’t anything planned to get up for. Don’t worry I have the perfect #tips in order to help you!!


Now I wouldn’t suggest jumping straight in as you want to ensure you create a routine you can stick to. I always like to start creating an exciting #morningroutine that I want to get up for. This will look different for everyone - for me I love working out and how it makes me feel, I’m working with an online trainer who builds fun workouts for me to do and it helps keep me motivated. The number one thing it does is give me a reason to get up! Then after that I make myself a nice breakfast, enjoy a coffee and take the morning pretty slowly.

Your morning routine may look a little different to mine, but my biggest tip is to give yourself a reason to get up; even if it’s just to make yourself a yummy breakfast, have a nice coffee, or go for a morning walk. Just ensure that it’s something you ENJOY and look forward to.


Another great tip for creating routines is to make them a habit! If you haven’t noticed, habits are pretty much non-negotiables – think of cleaning your teeth, do you wake up each morning and have a battle with yourself about whether you feel like cleaning your teeth today? No? Well there you go you’ve built yourself a non-negotiable #habit, probably because you know the importance of dental hygiene. Well why don’t you apply this to other areas of your life.

Let’s just use the example of working out as I know this one can be a struggle. You could start by educating yourself on the benefits of moving your body and working out - once you know how it helps physically and mentally, you may be more inclined to do it. Or if that isn’t enough, tag it onto a habit you’ve already established.

For example, if you enjoy a coffee each morning you could decide that you can’t have your coffee until you’ve gone for a walk or done a workout? You’d be surprised how quickly you can create habits, then when you feel comfortable you can build on this and create a full daily routine… I hope this all makes sense!


Now if you find yourself in a situation where you have nothing to do, I know how you feel! It’s funny isn’t it, when you’re busy all you want is free time, but when you have free time you soon get bored and wish to be busy again – it’s like we’re never satisfied!

Well why don’t you use this time to your advantage? There must be a hobby you’ve been wanted to pick up again or a skill you’ve been wanting to learn. This is the perfect time to start! It could be as simple as deep cleaning your whole house to learning a new language. I’ve always loved writing and although I spend a lot of time creating content for social media I really wanted to interlink them – hence why I’ve now started this blog.

There are so many avenues to learn new things, particularly with platforms like YouTube, good old Google and SkillShare – have a little search of your interests and I’m certain you will find something that could occupy your time and give you a sense of achievement. I don’t know about you but it’s important for my mental health that I feel productive and useful – this is the perfect tip for that!


So you’ve started dipping your toe in the routine water and want to take it up a notch. My final tip for you is one around #organisation – I know it sounds mind numbingly boring but I promise you it’s so helpful.

Every Sunday night I dedicate 30 mins to writing out what I want to achieve that week. I write down no more than 10 things, don’t give yourself too much to do you may end up feeling overwhelmed. Be realistic! From there I write a simple “To Do” list each day - you can even add time blocks if you think that’s helpful for you. On each day of the week I have no more than 2 things I would like to tick off of that list, as well as my other habits like working out, going for a walk, having a relaxing coffee/lunch break. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much and start out small. Once you’ve completed each task you can tick it off – by the end of the day you end up feeling like you’ve been super productive and actually achieved something. Make sure you try it out and see how you get on!


These are all of the tips I have so far for building yourself a daily routine during this difficult time, I hope you give them a go and let me know in the comments if you have any other tips that I can try out!

Lots of love

Char x

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