I know that Masterclasses & Makeup lessons are becoming more and more popular particularly as most of us are having to stay home at the moment. 

I wanted to create something unique for my audience that wasn’t time restrictive and something you can keep and rewatch as many times as you want. I also understand that not everyone is confident enough to have 1-2-1 calls or do their makeup in front of a makeup artist. This is why I’ve decided to offer Personalised Makeup Tutorials!

Please fill out the form below, let me know the specifics that you would like me to teach you whether that be a particular look or technique. 

Feel free to include the products you have access to & budget for new products.

Please allow up to a week for me to film & edit them! (Subject to demand)

COST: £20 via PayPal 

(Please pay to - without payment you will not receive the tutorial)



I was beyond impressed with the personalised tutorial I received from Char. She picked up every single struggle point I mentioned and explained clearly in detail how to do it. She is a makeup genius and you can really see how passionate she is about makeup throughout the video. Couldn't recommend this enough, best money I've spent in 2021!